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File types with extensions that start with the letter O.

Extension File Type File Description
.obj 3D Image and CAD Files Wavefront OBJ 3D Modelldaten
.obj Data Files Relocatable Object Module Format
.odc Database Files Microsoft Excel Office Datenbank Verbindung
.odc Vector Image Files OpenOffice.org OpenDocument Diagramm
.odf Document Files OpenOffice.org OpenDocument Dokument
.odf Document Files OpenOffice.org Math Formel
.odf Data Files OnkoS Daten
.odf Data Files SEW-Eurodrive HMI Builder Daten
.odf Data Files LearnLift MemoryLifter Daten
.odf Game Files Activision Battle Zone Daten
.odf Game Files Activision StarTrek Armada Daten
.odg Vector Image Files OpenOffice.org OpenDocument Zeichnung
.odm Document Files OpenOffice.org Writer Master-Dokument
.odm Misc Files OverDrive Media Console Verknüpfung
.odm Misc Files OpenDisc Daten
.odm Data Files Bio-Rad Laboratories iQ5 Optical System Software Daten
.odp Document Files OpenOffice.org OpenDocument Präsentation
.odp Config and Setting Files Actuate Analytics for BIRT iServer Parameter
.odp Data Files Oedipus Datei
.ods Document Files OpenOffice.org OpenDocument Tabelle
.ods Developer Files NCompass Labs Internetskript
.ods Archives Microsoft Outlook Express 5 Emailarchiv
.odt Document Files OpenOffice.org Writer Dokument
.odt 3D Image and CAD Files ThemeKit Systems MindRender Daten
.ofx Data Files Open Financial Exchange Format
.ofx Bitmap Image Files Olicom Fax
.ofx 3D Image and CAD Files OpenFX Model Daten
.oga Audio Files OGG Vorbis Audio Format
.ogg Audio Files Ogg Vorbis Audio
.ogg Data Files OriginLabs Origin Bild
.olb Database Files Microsoft OLE Objekt Bibliothek
.olb Developer Files Synergex Synergy/DE Objekt Bibliothek
.olb Data Files Delmar Cengage Learning Medical Terminology Challenge Daten
.olb Database Files Cadence Design Systems P-Spice Bauteilbibliothek
.olb System Files DEC VAX System Bibliothek
.omf Video Files Open Media Framework Daten
.omf Data Files Pitney Bowes Routing J Server Daten
.omf Image Files Fujitsu-Siemens BIOS Abbild
.omf Project Files OfflineSoft Map View Projekt
.opf Data Files Open Packaging Format Daten
.opf Data Files E-Book Systems FlipAlbum Buch
.opf Project Files Kepware Technologies KEPServerEX Projekt
.opf Project Files Obsidium Software Obsidium Projekt
.opf Project Files DNA Software Visual OMP Projekt
.opf Encoded Softex OmniPass verschlüsselte Datei
.opf Data Files Open Plant Format Daten
.oqy Database Files Microsoft Excel OLAP Abfrage
.orf Bitmap Image Files Olympus RAW Bild
.orf Game Files Interplay Descent 3 Raum
.ori Misc Files allgemein Originaldatei
.ori Data Files Kovach Computing Services Oriana Daten
.ori Game Files EA Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit Daten
.otf Font Files OpenType Schrift
.otf Template Files OpenOffice.org OpenDocument Formel Vorlage
.otf Data Files OpenTuft Tufting Design
.otg Template Files OpenOffice.org Draw Vorlage
.oth Template Files OpenOffice.org HTML Vorlage
.oth Config and Setting Files Origin Labs Origin Einstellungen
.oth Data Files Microsoft PowerToy Daten
.otp Template Files OpenOffice.org OpenDocument Präsentationsvorlage
.otp Template Files Origin Labs Origin Template
.otp Encoded TAN$TAAFL Software Top Secret Crypto One Time Pad Key
.ots Template Files OpenOffice.org Calc Vorlage
.ots Audio Files Ots Labs OtsAV Album
.ots Audio Files Yamaha PRS 9000 Audiodaten
.ots Developer Files IBM Rational Test RealTime Daten
.ott Template Files OpenOffice.org Writer Vorlage
.ott Audio Files Nokia Klingelton
.ovw Data Files Logic Pro Overview Daten
.ovw Data Files Cubase VST Overview Daten