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File types with extensions that start with the letter N.

Extension File Type File Description
.nap Vector Image Files NAPLPS Meta-Datei
.nap Audio Files Napster geschützte Audiodatei
.nap Data Files SE Software NAP Daten
.nap Plugin and Addon Files McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Erweiterung
.nef Bitmap Image Files Nikon RAW Bild
.nef Encoded Nero AG Nero BackItUp Verschlüsselung
.nes Image Files NES Spielmodul Imagedatei
.nes Developer Files Nessus attack scripting language key
.npm Data Files NeoSoft NeoPaint Maske
.npm Data Files Corel CorelDRAW Custom Media Stroke
.npm Data Files Nokia Bild Nachricht
.npm Encoded Symantec Norton 360 Identität Safe
.nrw Bitmap Image Files Nikon RAW Bild
.nrw Project Files Nero AG Nero Zusammenstellung
.numbers Document Files Apple Numbers Tabelle