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File types with extensions that start with the letter G.

Extension File Type File Description
.gabw Document Files AbiWord Dokument
.gam Game Files Spielstanddatei (allgemein)
.gam Data Files TADS Datei
.gam Data Files Astro-PC Astrology Daten
.gam Misc Files Vextrex Datei
.gam Document Files GammaFax Dokument
.gam Data Files MacMolPlt GAMESS Eingabedatei
.gam Data Files Cyberboard Spielstand
.gam Data Files Clickteam Klik'n'Play Datei
.gem Document Files Corel Ventura Dokument
.gem Bitmap Image Files Digital Research GEM Paint Bild
.gem Vector Image Files Digital Research GEM Draw Zeichnung
.gem Misc Files Digital Research GEM Metadatei
.gem Archives RubyGems Paket
.gho Backup Files Symantec Norton Ghost Sicherung
.gif Bitmap Image Files Graphics Interchange Format Bild
.gly Database Files Microsoft Word Glossar
.gly Data Files Sage ACT! Layout
.gly Data Files DigitalWorkshop OpusPro Galerie
.gms Plugin and Addon Files Corel globales Makro
.gms Data Files Gesture and Motion Signal Daten
.gp4 Bitmap Image Files CALS Group IV Bitmap Bild
.gp4 Bitmap Image Files CCITT Group 4 Fax
.gp4 Project Files Arobas Guitar Pro 4 Projekt
.gpd Bitmap Image Files RGB Light PhotoDefiner Bild
.gpd Config and Setting Files Microsoft Windows Universal Drucker Beschreibungen
.gpd Game Files Microsoft XBox360 Game Play Data
.gpx Data Files GPS Austausch Format
.gpx Developer Files BASIS Datei
.gpx Audio Files Arobas Music Guitar Pro Dokument
.grd Data Files Adobe Photoshop Gradient
.grd Data Files Golden Software Surfer Griddatei
.grd Data Files Tetrad Vertical Mapper Griddatei
.grd Config and Setting Files Radiant Zemax Gradium Profil
.grd Project Files DiComp GardenComposer Projekt
.grd Data Files Rockware Rockworks Daten
.grd Encoded PhysTechSoft Strongdisk verschlüsselter Datencontainer
.grd Config and Setting Files Gradebook Power Konfigurationsdateien
.gz Archives Gzip Archiv